Not Your Grandmother's Dayminder ... Unless We Happen to be Your Grandma

For the third FOURTH  year in a row, this incredibly thoughtful gift of a FREE  printable Pagan / Christian / Wiccan / Horror / Gothic monthly planner is the only thing the insomniac  and I managed to get you for the Yuletide season. It was either this or a gift certificate from the mall.

We both hope you're not too disappointed it's the bloody calendar again. Merry Christmas.

2020 Monthly Planner - Northern Hemisphere

2020 Monthly Planner - Southern Hemisphere

If you're remotely interested in how this Monthly Planner first came about (or maybe you're just really bored), you could always read about it.

We're doing our part for the environment here in The Attic by recycling our blog posts now, although one might also attribute that to just plain laziness. We would like to mention since that post was first written in 2016, we have managed to complete two of the projects mentioned at the very end there.

One item ticked off the "to do" list per year EVERY OTHER YEAR!

Not. Too. Shabby.