Not Your Grandmother's Dayminder ... Unless We Happen to be Your Grandma

For the FIFTH  year in a row (absolutely staggering, we know) this incredibly thoughtful gift of a FREE  printable Pagan / Christian / Wiccan / Horror / Gothic monthly planner is the only thing we managed to get you for the Yuletide season. It was either this or a gift certificate from the mall - and neither the insomniac  nor myself had any desire to set foot in one of those during 2020.

2021 Monthly Planner - Northern Hemisphere

2021 Monthly Planner - Southern Hemisphere

As requested, we've added an alternate title page this year - in case you're bored to death (pun intended) of that damnable skull reminding you to get busy. 

And if you're remotely interested in how, exactly, this Monthly Planner first came into existence, you could always kill a bit of time reading about it here. It's not like any of us have much else to do at the moment, and hopefully it proves slightly more uplifting than doom-scrolling and likely better for our waistlines than stress-eating.

Up 'til now (since that blog post was first written waaaaay back in 2016) we'd only managed to complete two of the projects mentioned at the very end, so we're thrilled to announce we've just recently finished wallpapering the front entryway (thanks again to this blasted pandemic). You don't have to believe us - the proof is right there on Instagram!

Three out of five outstanding projects ticked off that pesky "to do" list and it's only taken us four years. Not too shabby, if you know us at all.